Our rates

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is charged per visit. Prices start from £10-£16 per day for a single visit.
The rate charged depends upon the following:

• The number of visits required each day

• Distance to be travelled to the home

• Ease of parking

• Medication requirements (if applicable)

• Standard or extended visit (standard 15-20 minutes, extended 40 minutes)

Payment in full is due seven days before the start of the booking.


Boarding charges start from £20 per night. Owners supply food, bedding and medication if required. Pets are delivered to the boarder’s home and collected by the owner on their return. Payment in full is due four weeks before the start of the booking.

House Sitting

House sitting is charged at £40-£60 per night. The rate varies according to the number of pets in the home and whether or not dog walking is required. If permit parking is in operation a supply of permits will be needed. A cash float of £100 is required to cover incidentals/unexpected repairs/call-out fees etc. This is fully refunded at the end of the booking if not used. If an emergency occurs during the booking the owners will be contacted. If the owner is not contactable the emergency contact numbers will be used. These are the details of trusted family or friends who can make decisions on the owner’s behalf. Payment: 50% is due at the time the booking is made. The remainder is due 14 days before the start of the booking.

Property Monitoring

Property monitoring is charged per visit. Prices start from £10 per day. Payment in full is due seven days before the start of the booking. Garden watering Watering a garden with a hosepipe is charged from £5 per visit. A higher rate might apply if a hosepipe is not available.

Visit to the Vet

Vet appointments are charged at £20 per visit. This includes taking the pet in the sitter’s own vehicle. If a pet needs attention in their home this may be subject to a higher charge depending upon the time required.

Bank Holidays and Sundays

One visit only is carried out on Bank Holidays and Sundays. Bank Holidays are charged at double the standard daily rate.

Booking Fee

A 10% booking fee is applied to cover administrative overheads.

Cancellation Policy

A refund of 50% may be due if sufficient notice is provided. In most cases that would be two weeks in advance of the start of the booking. Bookings covering the peak times of the school summer holidays and the Christmas/New Year period are not refundable.