Our pet sitting service involves daily visits to the home to care for your pet or pets. 
Pet sitting is a very popular option for many households. There are many benefits for both pet(s) and home security.
All requirements are taken at the consultation meeting held prior to the start of the first booking.

Each visit includes the following:

  • Cleaning of feeding bowls and the feeding area
  • Provision of food 
  • Medication given if required (may be subject to an additional charge)
  • Clearing of litter trays including complete replacement of litter and washing the tray if necessary
  • Clearing of any mess left by the pet(s) in the home
  • Opening/closing curtains 
  • Collection of mail
  • Putting back outdoor bins once they’ve been emptied
  • Garden/plant watering (may be subject to a small additional charge depending on size of garden or number of indoor plants)




We require two copies of keys. Both sets are tagged with a colour coded fob. These can either be collected at the consultation meeting or delivered to our office before the start of the first booking. At the end of the booking keys can either be returned or held in our safe. If you plan to be away on a regular basis it may be more convenient for us to retain a key. 

If the keys are returned to the homeowner they would need to be delivered back to our office for any future booking. 




Information taken at the meeting is securely held. Details of bookings are kept separate from home addresses. Keys are never kept with location details.