The property monitoring service is used by those who do not own pets but still appreciate the benefits of having a watchful eye on their homes. The aim of the service is to make the home look occupied. The simple routine of a home being visited daily adds the human touch that criminals will identify. 

The service includes one visit per day and covers the following:

  • Mail is collected and placed out of sight from the front door
  • Parcels left on the doorstep taken inside
  • Lights can be switched on/off in different rooms on each visit
  • Curtains/blinds alternated on different days
  • Refuse bins are put out and replaced after emptying
  • Items of litter are removed from the front garden 
  • A check that all doors and windows have been left locked and secure
  • Check that any alarm system is functioning normally
  • A general look around the property to identify anything that appears odd or unusual 
  • Plant and garden watering (this may be subject to an additional charge)

How to book

  1. Call or email for a quote. Please provide your street name and post code if emailing or leaving a voice message.
  2. You will be contacted confirming a daily rate for the service. 
  3. If you are happy with the quote and wish to proceed a time will be arranged for a registration meeting which will include an introduction to the allocated team member who will do the daily visits. There is a charge of £20 for this meeting. 
  4. Confirmation and invoice will be sent via email. Payment will be due 14 days before the start of the booking.